3-Doodler (i.e. the 3-D printing pen) tear down

Last Friday, I had a rare occurrence of a filament jam with my 3-Doodler. I suspect it was in part to my switching from PLA to ABS which caused the issue. The filament refused to eject from the pen, so I decided to pop the screws and see the guts of the 3-Doodler.

Below are some pics I snapped while getting out the offending stuck material:

The device is surprisingly simple, yet it does what it needs to do, extrude plastic in a hand held manner.

I noticed on the PCB that there is a serial interface with some I/O pins to address. I need to explore that further. Apparently someone has made an extruder head out of the 3-Doodler on a CNC. I have to track that down and see what they did exactly.

If any one else out there has a filament jam with their 3-Doodler, . I'd be happy to fix it for you, or just give some tips on how to go about it.

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