Castle Dig Boston Box finally deployed to the streets!

Hast thou seen this Box?

Castle DigBox

After months of my Castle Dig Box laying about Artisan's Asylum, it's finally left the building. Has it hit the streets? Where is it? I have no idea! Ha.

Have you seen this Castle themed newspaper box on the streets of Boston or Cambridge?

If you have located it, please take a minute to let me know where it is in the comments below. I will talk about you. :)

Also, please post, or send me photos if you can!

Thanks very much!

- Scott Janousek
  The Castle DigBox "Artist" at Artisan's Asylum

Want to know how I built the The Griffin Castle DIG Box? Have questions about it? Get in touch with me.

UPDATE May 22, 2013 - Apparently, there are reports that the Castle Dig Box is located in Harvard Square, 100 Mount Auburn Street Cambridge, MA 02138. Waiting for photos to confirm.

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