FITC WebUnleashed 2012 Synopsis


A couple weeks back, on November 9th, I gave a presentation called “Adventures in the Internet of Things” at Bentley College. The presentation was part of the line up of FITC’s Web Unleashed conference; a front-end web developers conference. Shawn Pucknell and the FITC team travel down from Toronto, Canada now, to deliver this event in the New England area. I’ve been speaking at FITC’s for quite a while, but had taken a several month hiatus due to work responsibilites at my previous employer.

This year I wasn’t able to attend much of the ongoing sessions at WebUnleashed since I’ve been prepping my new lab and working on several new projects. However, from what I saw at the event, it was heavy into HTML5 and very light on Flash and Flex. I think it was planned this way for obvious reasons. It was great talking with the folks I did manage to bump in before my session, but I noticed a number of last year’s attendees were not able to make it.

My presentation was a slightly radical concept at this particular FITC. I talked about electronics, physical computing, and the “Internet of Things” … or hooking the analog world up to the digital one. I spent a good deal of time talking about Artisan’s Asylum, and the DIY culture, and the open source movement. I also spanned a lot of areas I’ve been active in, including Robotics, Electronics, e-textiles, Data Visualization, and other areas.

Although I covered a lot of topics and tangents in my talk, I felt it was a bit discombobulated in the flow. Still, I think it’s worthwhile to at least post some of the slide deck so you can see what I talked about. Having attended numerous conferences myself, I can see why if I missed a session, I might want to take a peek at what was covered that I might have missed. So, without further adieu, check out the Adventures in the Internet of Things” deck I posted on slideshare.

What’s next you ask? Lots. In terms of FITC, I would love to get to an event near year in either a speaking capacity or just as an attendee. The FITC Japan and Amsterdam events look absolutely awesome. I have yet to attend either one, but if you’re close to either venue, I highly suggest you check them out!


Anyways, that’s what I have to say about WebUnleashed this year. Hope to see some of you at future events. Pull me aside if you want to chat, or let me know if you’re going to be at them. I’m always up for networking, and chats about technology.

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