Happy Halloween (belated)! 3-D printed Demon Skull Pumpkin

Hi all,

A week ago, Artisan's Asylum hosted a pumpkin carving event on Somerville Ave, and several members created pumpkin sculptures (pics from Clayton Ellis).

I had the fortune of gathering a couple hours to laser scan some of the work. I got permission from two artists, Gretchen Greene and Ecco Pierce to do the 3-D laser scans.

Within the last week, I found time to take the raw data from the pumpkin scan, clean it up, and post process it for 3-D printing purposes.

Here is the final 3-D printed Demon Skull Pumpkin printed small scale in PLA.

You can also view some of the process over on my flickr account in addition to other projects involving 3-D laser scanning and 3-D printing, and modeling.


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