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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

About Hooken Mobile (circa 2006-2010)
From 2005 to 2010 I ran Hooken Mobile; a mobile development and consultancy working with software vendors, hardware OEMS and their associated partners.

www.hookenmobile.com (2005-2010)

In 2005, I was an early adopter to the Adobe Flash Lite mobile development platform and helped Adobe (i.e. formerly Macromedia) evangelize their runtime on mobile devices.

From 2005 to 2010, Hooken Mobile helped OEMs and Adobe's partners to help design, develop, and deploy content to various mobile and device form factors ranging from Feature Phones, SmartPhones, Tablets, and Consumer Electronic Devices (e.g. Portable Media Players, TVs, Internet Appliances).

SmartPhone related Mobile Development (2005-2009):
Here are some of the kinds of mobile designs and mobile applications on SmartPhones I have created in the past for various clients across various devices supporting the Flash runtime.

A few apps I created over the years for various Nokia devices.

Some more mobile apps I created for various Nokia devices.

Other Mobile and Device content:
I maintain a non-comprehensive list of mobile projects I worked on from 2005-2010. This does not include all projects, since some were not on backup, and some are still confidential.

What am I doing with devices today?
In 2009, it was apparent to me the raise of HTML5, native, and cross-compiled applications and frameworks were winning out over Flash for mobile application design and development. In addition, much of the mobile ecosystem had shifted away from OEM to an app based ecosystem. I decided to move on from the business model that Hooken Mobile had in working with large partners, and hence it is no longer in operation.

My ongoing mobile and device development efforts have shifted into my new endeavor; CUBICAL 90 -- which is my lab space at Artisan's Asylum focused on software, hardware, and physical fabrication.

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