I made a Dragon Egg Stand ...

Last week, I had some left over steel round bar from a previous (metal) project and decided to put it to some use. I also had an orange marble egg that I picked up from a yard sale a few years ago for a dollar. So ... I decide to make a metal stand for my marble egg. Not any stand, mind you. ... a proper, precariously mounted tripod, Dragon Egg stand. ;)

Dragon Egg Stand (Close up)

Dragon Egg Stand (Close up)

I have documented the build process over on my projects page, but here are the some of the most recent photos on flickr. I may decide to revisit this project.

Originally, I was going to do a nest completely of wire, but opted for twine instead. Going with this theme, I may continue to build up the nest over time as I find twigs, leaves, and other things to weave into the twine.

As it is right now, the best leaves the egg precariously balanced, but a lot of the egg showing. I'm debating making the nest more elaborate, but I haven't made a final decision. It's an art project after all. :)

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