Microsoft PixelSense 1.0 Multi-Touch Table (i.e. "Old School Surface Table")

Last week I picked up this somewhat archaic (but still cool) Microsoft PixelSense 1.0 multi-touch table that was in rough shape.


Yeah, it's not the newer SUR40 model, but it's still neat for a few years old. It does pretty responsive multitouch using camera sensors and old school IR tricks. Thew brand new surface is pretty sweet, but it's still way out of budget of most (artistic or musician) projects.

Hard to believe this thing retailed for thousands a few years ago. You can build one DIY style for around 2-3k. I know. We actually created one for Rebook last when I was part of Isobar NOWLAB. All said and done, we probably spent many thousands on engineering it, though. Prepacked hardware is not a bad way to go if you want to put all your energy on the digital experience.

I had to fix a couple problems with it before it would boot, but the lamp is brand new so it should have some life left in it. Apparently, based on the IT tag, it came from Sapient.

I guess this might mean Sapient got a brand new SUR40 in their offices?

I'm looking forward to hacking some functionality on it, as well as running some Processing and OpenFrameworks demos on it.

If you're looking to build a touch table, I'd recommend checking out the PLAYSURFACE project. Although they might not be taking orders still (for the kickstarter), they do have some great enclosure designs, and have open sourced a lot of what they have managed to accomplish from their R&D. They appear to be selling off their new website.

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