3-D Printed Camera Accessory Prototypes

Monday, 15 June 2015

Project Name: 3-D Printed Camera Accessory Prototypes
Client: lenstab.com
Year: 2015
Timeline: N/A
Role: 3-D Printing Specialist, Materials Research
Project Type: 3-D Printing R&D

In this project, I helped lenstab.com facilitate prototypes their evolving TAAB product in several 3-D printing flexible formats including flexible resin on the Form1+, Tango on an objet, as well as flexible PLA filament.

Through a series of iterative prints and tests we were able to arrive at a design and functional prototype that provides design and functionality requirements before injection modeling in final product material. The final prototypes are displayed below in the pics.

By having these early physical prototypes, the customer is able to better demonstrate and test before injection molding the parts on a larger scale volume.


Left: Prototype TAAB in Tango, Far Right: Form 1 flexbile resin prints

Close up of a Print off the objet

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