3-D Printed Social Network Data Visualizer

Monday, 06 July 2015

Project Name: 3-D Printed Network Visualization
Client: Biogen R&D project with Happy Workhorse Farms
Year: 2015
Timeline: N/A
Role: 3-D Printing Specialist
Project Type: 3-D Printing R&D
In this project, the prospective researchers (from Biogen) came to me to research the best method to help them better 3-D print customizable node based network data in physical form.

Myself and Happy Workhorse Farms worked together to investigate printing in thermoplastic, resin, and powder based materials.

I conducted a 3-D printed experiment at extreme low fidelity and scale to evaluate the speed and material consumption of these prints on the Form 1 SLA printer.

What I found was that although the results were highly satisfactory, the post process involved in support removal material proved too time consuming for this particular project and their needs.

Similar findings occurred in the FDM realm, but with soluble support the project was much more viable in ABS and PLA, even with the lower resolution and surface finish offered (without significant post processing work).

Final Print of the Network Visualization (with no post processing done)

UV curing the 3-D printed data network example

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