3-D Scan & Print Yer' Head

Friday, 16 August 2013

Project Name: 3-D Scan & Print Yer' Head
Client: CUBICAL90
Year: 2013
Timeline: ongoing community project at Artisan's Asylum
Role: Researcher
Project Type: 3-D Scanning & 3-D Printing

In late 2012, I started several projects involving depth sensing using run-of-the-mill IR projection based depth map camera (i.e. RGBD). One of those particularly fun projects has been the "Print'Yer Head" project.

I acquire wiling volunteers to submit to ten minute facial "scans" using a standard RGBD depth sensor (i.e. "Kinect"), and a version of FaceShift to capture depth map data, which outputs a series .obj files in various facial expressions.

The subject "scanned" is then handed their 3-D files to do with it as they will, while I queue up their head for conversion to .STL format to print out on my MakerBot or the industrial uPrint at Artisan's Asylum in plastic format (check the head shots below).

Screenshots (i.e. "scanned candidates"):





Printed Heads:

Some recent printed heads from participating users (who shall remain nameless here)

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