Adventures Of Sammy SweetTooth CD-ROM

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Project Name: The Adventures of Sammy SweetTooth
Organization: Citizen's Schools
Year: 2003
Timeline: Over the course of 6 classes with the kids (roughly 120 hours)
Role: Volunteer Instructor for a kid's class at Citizen's Schools in Framingham
Project Type: Multi-media Animation on CD-ROM


In 2003, I volunteered at Citizen's Schools in Framingham. I created an after school computer animation class for teenager's interested in learning about computer animation and film production.

With the help of a group fo a dozen students, we created a half hour long animation film from scratch. This film involved story boarding, sketching, coloring, animating, sound effects, voice overs, and other activities all done by the kids.

The plot of the "Adventures of Sammy Sweet Tooth" was written by students and involves a teenage who has a moral dilema about stealing candy from a store, and how the character comes to realize that being honest is best, and pays off in the end.

In the end of the weeks of class, the film was debuted in a large screen format to a large auditorium full of parents, school officials, and kids.

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For more information about this project, please contact me directly.

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