Animated Sea Creatures Wallpaper

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Project Name: Nokia
Client: Nokia
Year: 2006
Timeline: N/A
Role: Flash and Mobile Development Consultant
Project Type: Consulting and Development of an interactive mobile phone background

SeaHorse animations

Screenshot of the application for a tutorial I wrote for Adobe on how to make it.

Pre-dating the modern platforms like iOS and Android; I worked with Nokia to create very early interactive content for their S60 Symbian SmartPhone Platform and their Feature Phone Platform, Series 40. On their Series 40 feature phone line up creating backgrounds, screensavers, and other media types using Flash Lite.

This animated sea creature background, was one of several pieces of content I created for their devices at the time. The content features several entertaining creatures including sea horses, squid, clams, and moving kelp randomly scheduled to appear within a very small mobile user experience meant for feature phones. The content also displayed useful information such as battery status, signal strength, as well as date & time.

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