Solar Lantern Art Installation (for illuminous fundraiser event)

Monday, 29 May 2017

Project Name: Solar Lantern Art Installation (for ILLUMINUS fundraiser) by Materials & Methods
Client: Materials & Methods
Year: 2017
Timeline: < 1 day of physical installation
Role: Physical Labor
Project Type: Physical Art Installation

In May 2017, I worked with the Methods & Materials - a Boston-based design studio to help assemble an outdoor solar lantern art installation at Old City Hall.

solar+sculpture+header+m-m.jpgMethods & Material's Solar Lantern Art Installation (Photo by M&M)

This was just a one-day installation involving lending a hand to the existing team to assemble the suspended solar lantern art installation for the ILLUMINUS fundraiser event. I assisted as a physical hand to help rig, clean, test the solar lantern assembly along with 3 other team members.

M&M_solarinstallation-002.jpgPre-event photo of the solar lantern installation at Old City Hall (May 2017) (Photo by M&M)

M&M_solarinstallation-003.jpgInstallation as seen at the illuminous event (May 2017) (Photo by M&M)

For more information about the art installation, please refer to Materials & Methods, or visit this link about the installation at this year's past Cambridge Science Festival.

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