BakeSpace Channel for litl

Friday, 29 March 2013

Project Name: BakeSpace Channel for litl
Client: litl for
Year: 2009
Timeline: 2-3 months
Role: Contract Flash Developer & Consultant
Project Type: BakeSpace "Channel" (i.e. software widget) for the litl cloud-based personal computing laptop


I spent 2-3 months working with litl, a boston based hardware startup, funded by Aquent Founders, that was building a new cloud-based laptop personal computer to try to disrupt conventional computing paradigms.

On this project, I worked with litl as an external technical consultant, to help design and develop a custom recipe software widget (i.e. "channel") for their laptop computer for the BakeSpace food community and recipe website.

Through successive design concepts, and interactions, we refined a very unique kitchen application where customers of the litl device could browser, store, and retrieve thousands of recipes from the BakeSpace website, through an API and by leveraging the litl SDK.

During this project, the litl hardware and software was still in flux, but we managed to deliver a channel which showcased the platform in a positive manner.

Both litll and BakeSpace used this piece of software to showcase both the litl and it's capabilities in the kitchen at major tradeshows and online promotions at later dates.


litl webbook: perfect in the kitchen from litl on Vimeo.

litl webbook: perfect in the kitchen

music by Jeffrey Simmons

For more information about this project, please contact me directly.

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