Bill & James Hot Sauce Throw Down Game

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Project Name: Bill & James Hot Saunce Thow Down Game
Client: Hooken Mobile
Year: 2007
Timeline: a few weeks
Role: Flash Mobile Design and Development
Project Type: A mobile game based on two Adobe employees I knew at the time

Splash screen from the mobile app

The game was designed for the Nokia 95 and Nokia 5800 (i.e. a touch screen device)

In 2007, I created an animated mobile game called "Bill & James Hot Sauce Throw Down". The premise of this game was for the two Adobe employees to challenge each other to consume hot sauces without taking a drink of water. The objective of the goal was to pit one character against the other in how many hot sauces they could consume before the mouth burning set in. To do this, button presses where utilized to raise a scale in the correct amount of time. If a player lost, animation would play where the character breathed out flames. If they won, the character would smile and the levels would increase. There where variation hot sauces for each level presented to players.

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