Body Image (aka "Trouble on the Tightrope: In Search of Skateboard Sam")

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Project Name: Trouble on the Tightrope: In Search of Skateboard Samâ„¢
Code Name: "BODY IMAGE"
Client: Inflexxion
Year: 2005
Timeline: 4-5 months
Role: Technical Architect & Lead Flash Developer
Project Type: Online Educational Animated Adventure Game website


On this 2005 project, I was part of a small team of about 8 to help design, develop, and deploy an animated adventure surrounding public health and body image for children.

Essentially our team created a full 2-d animated animated world consisting of hours of play, from scratch.

I was responsible for taking artwork and other assets and creating a system to make the world a reality along with a fellow Flash Developer (ironically named Sam!) who was focused primarily on small internal games to the system.

We used a lot of different technologies on this project ranging from Microsoft IIS, ASP, and the Flash Platform.

The end result was a fully animated adventure game where kids learned about their health through the leverage of fun games and an entertaining adventure story.

This project won some awards, and I was credited in some academic research journals for this particular piece of work.

Some sample screenshots from the Body Image project.







For more information about this project, please contact me directly.

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