Bomb Diffuse Puzzle Game for Chumby

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Project Name: Bomb Diffuse Puzzle Game for Chumby
Client: Shockwave Games
Year: 2008
Timeline: a week or two
Role: Flash Mobile and Device Developer
Project Type: I ported this legacy Flash Application to the Chumby Platform


In 2008, I helped Shockwave Games port several web based Flash games to mobile and device platforms running Flash. One of many ports, was the Chumby device. I spent a week porting this bomb diffusing puzzle game over to the Chumby, updating the codebase (i.e. ActionScript) to conform to the Chumby user interface considerations, and adapting the game play for the device.

The object of this game was to diffuse a bomb by following the logic of the wire path, to make sure things were done in sequence and prevent the bomb from blowing up within a specific amount of time. There were several unique, and dynamic level generation to this game for the wiring.

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