ChoicePoint CampaignHQ Umbrella CD

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Project Name: CampaignHQ Umbrella
Company: ChoicePoint for BlueEdge Data Solutions.
Code Name: "CHQ"
Year: 2003
Timeline: 1 month
Role: Technical Architect
Project Type: Application Launcher UI


In 2003, I was the lead Technical Architect on this project for the ChoicePoint Marketing while working at BlueEdge Data Solutions.

Working with another developer, we designed, developed and deployed a solution which allowed ChoicePoint to launch 3rd party applications through a slick, easy to use GUI.

The application was built using a combination of Visual Basic and Flash. VB was used for the external stand-alone application "shell", while internally Flash was used to be able to plug & play new user interfaces through a configurable XML file.

The final CD-ROM product was deployed in a virtual computing environment where thousands of users accessed it on a daily basis.






For more information about this project, please contact me directly.

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