Cramer Seminar Survey

Thursday, 04 April 2013

Project Name: Cramer Productions
Client: internal event
Year: 2001
Timeline: 1 week
Role: Technical Architect
Project Type: Survey Builder Product Testing Venue


While at Cramer Productions, I created a reusable survey building tool that allowed any person to create a unique and customized survey using common form fields, like drop downs, buttons, checkboxes, text fields, and more.

This open house style event with hundreds of attendees within Cramer, was one of many live testing arenas for the survey building tool, as well as new features that were added to it over time.

Later, the survey builder was added to the Cramer Kiosk Platform and leveraged many times over at dozens of conferences for live surveys to thousands of people within dozens of corporate events.



For more information about this project, please contact me.

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