Evil Eyes Mobile Phone Screensaver

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Project Name: Evil Eyes Mobile Phone Screensaver
Client: Nokia
Role: Flash Mobile and Device Developer
Project Type: An early mobile phone screensaver for the Nokia Series 40 devices


Pre-dating the modern platforms like iOS and Android; I worked with Nokia to create very early interactive content for their Symbian Platform. I also worked on their Series 40, feature phone line up creating backgrounds, screensavers, and other media types using Flash Lite.

"Evil eyes" was a screensaver which animated a pair of eyes looking in various locations as a user interacted with their phone. Signal strength and battery life, as well as time would appear randomly on the screen and the eyes would search it out. This content also had a special mode for "stand-by mode" where devices had a secondary screen for display date/time and other content (pictured above).

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