Falling Balls Game

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Project Name: Falling Balls Game
Client: None
Year: 2010
Timeline: a day or two
Role: Mobile Game Developer
Project Type: A mobile game prototype based on Keith Peter's Falling Balls.

This is a "Falling Balls" stick character game (original game by Keith Peters that I ported up to work on various mobile platforms (e.g. Nokia S60).

The codebase could be cross compiled to from the Adobe Flash IDE. It was written using ActionScript, and meant to target many different mobile and device platforms from Adobe tooling.

I never did hear back from Keith, so I assume he was never interesting in such non-sense, and just didn't care about Android. :)

This prototype was just that. It never got on market, and it was merely to see how fast I could take a simple game and cross compile it for various mobile devices and form factors. It was an experiment, and never shared.


For more information about this project, please contact me.

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