Falling Kanjii Screensaver

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Project Name: Falling Kanjii
Client: Friends of Ed (i.e. now Apress Publishing)
Year: N/A
Timeline: N/A
Role: Mobile and Device Developer
Project Type: Training, Publishing Tutorial Example

Screenshot of the Falling Kanjii screen-saver from my old mobile book: Foundation Flash Applications for Mobile Devices

Screenshot of the screen-saver running off an S40 Nokia Device

Pre-dating the modern platforms like iOS and Android; I worked with Nokia to create very early interactive content for their Symbian Platform. I also worked on their Series 40, feature phone line up creating backgrounds, screensavers, and other media types using Flash Lite.

The Falling Kanjii screensaver was a piece of content created for the Foundation Flash Applications for Mobile Devices book that came out around 2006. The animation is very similar to that in a famous movie that begins with the letter "M" and ends with "atrix" :) I ported this piece of content to several platforms over the year, from Flash Lite 1.1, all the way up to Flash 10 on devices like the

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