Generative Art Mobile Phone Screensavers

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Project Name: Generative Art Mobile Phone Screensavers
Client: Nokia
Year: 2007
Timeline: 1-2 days
Role: Flash and Mobile Developer
Project Type: Mobile Screensavers for Nokia

In 2007, I was asked by Nokia to create a series of Nokia Series 40 (and 60) screensavers and wallpapers. These two screensavers are some of the earliest generative art screensavers created for mobile devices using Flash technology. This was an early example of digital art for mobile phones. The two examples would programtically generate art on the screen using code (i.e. ActionScript). One was a 2-D box format, and the other was a spirograph algorithm.




For more information about this project, please contact me directly.

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