Flash Training on Embedded Device Hardware (for Lexmark)

Thursday, 08 August 2013

Project Name: Flash Training on Embedded Device Hardware (for Lexmark)
Client Lexmark Corporation
Year: 2009
Timeline 3-4 weeks
Role: Classroom Training in Embedded Design and Development with Flash (Lite)
Project Type: Flash Lite, Embedded Devices


In 2009, I traveled to Kentucky for a three week stay to train a team of engineers, sales, project management, and software developers on the Flash Platform, and more specifically design and development with Flash Lite on embedded platforms. Lexmark, a well known brand within the consumer and enterprise printer hardware space, came to me as an expert in the field of Flash on devices to help them understand the strengths and weaknesses of the platform, as well as to gather tips, tricks, and experience.

I was responsible for creating training materials specifically catering toward embedded devices, given that they were building a new printer; complete with onscreen graphical menu, and ability to run custom loaded printer applications created using Flash Lite. I was responsible for fielding technical questions about hardware limitations and how to avoid them in software using various tips and tricks I had acquired while becoming an expert in the Flash Lite platform.

The training for this class lead the team to incorporate the Flash Lite platform into their hardware, and I contributed to many preloaded applications on the hardware printer which reached thousands of customers in both retail (i.e. Staples), home, and business settings.

The final result was the SmartSolutions Platform, which was deployed on many of their higher end printers with color ui's.

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