My Flash on Mobile Devices Blog

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

myflashmobileblog.pngProject Name: My Flash on Mobile Devices Blog
Client: None
Year: 2004-2010
Timeline: Daily, or at least weekly blog postings
Role: Evangelist for Adobe and the Flash Platform on Mobile and Devices
Project Type: Product Evangelist and Developer Community Leader for Adobe Mobile Team

From 2004 to 2010, I wrote a popular blog covering mobile design and development using Flash technologies.

The blog was popular within the Flash Development community reaching thousands of readers worldwide. I was an early pioneer in leveraging Flash for mobile and device content generation, as well as an early adopter to mobile design and development in a broader sense.

I helped inspire other developers to get involved with mobile development, trained people on how to use tools, create mobile applications using software from Adobe, as well as shared tips and tricks I gathered in a free online blog format.

Due to the Blog and it's popularity, I was invited all over the world to give dozens of talks, world wide, about mobile development using Flash and other technologies.



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