Pong Game for Chumby

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Project Name: Pong Game for Chumby
Client: Chumby
Year: 2008
Timeline: a few days
Role: Flash Mobile and Device Developer
Project Type: Game Widget for the Chumby Platform


from 2007 to about 2008, I worked on a number of Chumby widgets. This particular game widget was created as a portfolio piece to show a Flash animator what could be done in relatively little time with the Chumby platform using Adobe tooling (i.e. Flash runtime).

This game worked like the traditional one player Pong game, but had rotating news below while a user could control a small game in the upper portion of the screen. Users had two controls, left and right to move the paddle to stop the ball from reaching the bottom of the ad. If the user lost, the ad down below would explode in animations. As a side note, this was an early example of "destructive ads" that are sometimes found in marketing campaigns today.

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