Press & Sketch Machine

Monday, 16 September 2013

Project Name: Press & Sketch Machine
Client: Helmsman Press
Year: 2013
Timeline: A few days (ongoing refinements)
Role: Software and Hardware
Project Type: Electronics Work
I teamed up with Erik Heumiller (i.e. helmsmanpress) to help create the "Press & Sketch" machine.

"Press & Sketch" (formerly known as "Sketch-o-matic") is an arduino powered random text generator that sits in a wooden enclosure and is activated by a single button.

Upon each button press, a random string is generated from words contained with multiple text files which contain various nouns (i.e. "comic characters") and verbs (i.e. "actions"). Example: "Batman fights with Robin"

After generation on the arduino, the randomly generated text snippets is then sent to the thermal ink printer contained in the Press & Sketch machine and a "receipt" is output. This Press & Sketch "receipt" is then used by Erik to randomly draw, by hand, a comic based on the randomly generated output.

The software is an arduino sketch which is contained to both the arcade button at the top of the device, coupled with the thermal ink printer.

Erik has field tested the device at (comic) conferences, and will be starting a blog shortly. More features are planned, so stay tuned.


Internals/"Guts" of the Press & Sketch Prototype during development




More pics over on flickr.

Coming soon