Rational Software Conference Kiosk System

Thursday, 04 April 2013

Project Name: Rational Software Kiosk System
Company: Cramer Productions (now Crameronline)
Year: 2001
Timeline: 2-3 weeks
Role: Technical Architect
Project Type: Digital Kiosk System


Over the course of several weeks, I was part of team to roll out a custom digital kiosk system for Rational Software for their annual corporate conference event.

The system consisted of two parts: The first part was a visual front-end for attendees to check email, browser the web, get schedule information, and also take online conference surveys using a custom survey builder tool. The second part was a backend system hooked to a database to record survey results, monitoring attendee usage, and serve up real-time information to attendees including news, important updates, weather, restaurant tips, and other details.

This digital kiosk system platform was later turned into a full fledged product for Cramer.





For more information about this project, please contact me.

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