Reactive Koi Pond

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Project Name: Reactive Koi Pond
Client: N/A
Year: 2013
Timeline: N/A
Role: Creative Technologist and Technical Architect
Project Type: Interactive/Physical Computing/Emerging Technology & Media


The Reactive Koi Pond is a projected digital experience that allows physical participants to interact with a virtual koi pond using open source technologies. By leveraging a depth camera (i.e. "Microsoft Kinect"), computer, custom software, and a high lumen project it is possible to create a Reactive Koi Pond on many different types of surfaces including a floor or wall scenario.

While the Koi Pond is running, users who approach it are detected by the Kinect and their captured digital silhouette outline is used to make the koi fish in the pond react differently based on configurable modes, including attraction (i.e. "feeding time"), repulsion (i.e. "frightened fish"), as well as evasion, fleeing, and custom built effects.

Behind the scenes, Processing is leveraged as the application Platform for the prototype. SimpleOpenNI is used to tie into the depth camera, while Box2D is used for the physics of the environment. A particle library helps to manage the "boids" (i.e. fish) on the screen allowing them to wander and perform other on screen activities.




Vimeo (HD)

Reactive Koi Pond from Scott Janousek on Vimeo.

(Opening Video Fullscreen is best for seeing the interaction)


(Opening Video Fullscreen is best for seeing the interaction)

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