"The Sound Between The Waves"

Monday, 29 June 2015

Project Name: "The Sound Between The Waves"
Organization: Curious Sound Objects
Year: 2015
Role: Physical Fabrication, Electronics, Sound Programming
Project Type: Art
"The Sound Between The Waves" is a reactive sound sculpture that senses human touch through capacitance and then emits mysterious sounds while simulatenously lighting dynamically to the sound waves produced. A lot of people have called it a theremin, and to some degree it is. However, it is more of a sculpture than it is a musical instrument. This project was built for an upcoming Curious Sound Objects show.

Behind the scenes there is a multi-channel capacitive sense module (sourced from adafruit) hooked up to an arduino which relays touch points to a PC running Pure Data. The Pure Data application then emits sounds based on touch fields held. There are also high intensity LEDs under the sculpture which emit lit when the instrument is touched.




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