WallStreet Journal Mobile App

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Project Name: WSJ (via an undisclosed company)
Client: WSJ
Year: TBD
Timeline: 1-2 months
Role: Mobile and Device Developer for the Windows Mobile Platform
Project Type: Flash Mobile and Device Development

The app had two modes, landscape and portrait. Portrait was favored primarily for reading content given limitations of the platform and OS at the time.

Financial news could be attained through a virtual keyboard interface

News was categorized for browsing

News, Search, and Portfolio, and onscreen help were all initial options in the application

I worked along side a fellow developer, to help create the WSJ application. My responsibilities were creating the custom application installer for the Windows Mobile platform. At the time, this required significant R&D to find the right method to install all the media and execution files for this particular financial application.

This app was a cutting edge approach at the time that allowed investors to query financial stocks and news via their Windows Mobile devices using a custom API that tied into stock exchange, and other financial news sources.

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