Reebok Touch Table

Thursday, 28 March 2013


ISOBAR TOUCH TABLE from Scott Janousek on Vimeo.

The Isobar touch table was a revolutionary interactive R&D project at the NOWLAB in the Boston office. In conjunction with partners in the MIT Media Lab, the NOWLAB created a custom multi-touch surface computing environment by leveraging open source software, assembled hardware, and other various sensors.

Through continued iterations of prototypes,, Isobar was able to arrive at solution which rivaled Microsoft's competing, and overly expensive, PixelSense 1.0 technology at the time.

By allowing Reebok users to physically interact with tangible, off the shelf footwear products, we were able to engage customers in a unique, compelling, and fun way. By leveraging audio, visual, and textual information on the touch screen with physical product manipulation, a new brand marketing experience "like never before" emerges (see below).

Reebok would later be able to economically explore the option of a production run of touch tables for retail store deployment.

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