Registered for EYEOFESTIVAL 2013!


So today was the day. EYEOFESTIVAL 201 tickets went on sale for the June 5-8, 2013 event! Can you believe it? IT’S THE THIRD ONE ALREADY!

Judging from past years experience, this particular event sells out in the first few hours. Crazy! Fustrating for new comers I’m sure, but old hat news to those who have been attending since the very 1st gathering.

If you’re on the waitlist then hopefully luck will smile down upon you. If not, there may just be salvation in recorded sessions that go up on vimeo post-show.

I’m not going to mention a live stream. Last year, I don’t believe that worked all so well (i.e. WiFi and bandwidth issues). Never does, unless you invest into professionals managing that whole ordeal. I should know. I did it for a living for 1-2 years, a few years back. :)

Anyways, barring the crazyiness surrouding the registration process, I only have awesome things to say about this particular gathering of professionals and academics within what most of describe as the “creative coding community”.

It’s one of the premeire events, worldwide, where creative and technical people can connect, discuss projects, and chat about emerging technologies. When they say “converge to inspire”, the people there really mean it.

Dave, Jer, Wes, and the rest of the crew do an amazing job at brining the talent, and building the right atmopshere for this yearly event. Kudos to them.

In case you’re wondering … although a lot of this conference has roots in data visualization and the virtual world (i.e. software), there’s no shortage of people who work with physical things as well, from 3-d printed artwork and visualizations, to live music performances, electronics, and so much more. Last year there was quite of variety of topics. This year sticks to a similar format, which
is great news.

Another thing. EYEOFESTIVAL is not only about taking “in”. It’s about sharing ideas. It’s also about the networking, and making new connections. All these things make the “converge to inspire” slogan a reality.

Just like last year, I signed up for a workshop. Workshops are a great way to connect and explore. This year, I decdided just to do one
morning workshop, and leave the rest of the day open for the Summit going on. I signed up for a hands-on style workshop called: Workshop: Computational Techniques for Digital to Physical – Jenna Fizel, Mary Huang”. I

I don’t know Jenna or Mary, but they sound like my kind of makers! I’ve been doing quite a bit of physical fabrication in my lab (i.e. 3-D printing for parts & art, as well as 3-D modeling), CUBICAL 90 over the past few months, so it should be right up my alley.

I hope to see many friends and collegues there. See you in June … in Minneapolis … at the Walker Center! BTW: Here in Boston, we might
just call it the “Walk’ah” Center.

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