Solder Iron Tip Cleaner Magnetic Mount

I do a fair amount of soldering at my lab, but something always annoys me ... My solder iron cable always gets in my way and knocks things over, especially when I’m cleaning the tip and there is a lot of electronics clutter from my project(s).

Last week I decided to spend 15 minutes fixing the last problem. Here is the hack.


First I took my existing solder tip cleaner.


I drilled a couple holes through the back and found some relatively small, flat threaded bolts* to mount a hard drive magnet on the back of the solder tip cleaner mount.


Now I can stick it to metal which is out of the way while I work.


Much better!


Notice how I'm free and clear of any cord dangle and I'm not in danger of accidentally tipping something over with the solder iron cord from the Weller.


Sure I could have attached the solder tip cleaner using zipties or another mounting mechanism. In fact, you'll notice I actually have the zipties in the pic ... and yes, I could be better about cleaning up my solder station, but let's be real. That isn't gonna stay cleaned up for long!

So ... the fact that's it magnetic, means I could place it wherever I want ... that's a good metal for the magnet ... on the metal file cabinet next to my station, or up above ... wherever it's most convenient at the time.

For me, versatility wins for this hack.

* Yes, they are different. I got tired of sifting through our miscellaneous bolt, screw, and nut scrap bucket at Artisan's Asylum. It works, and they are hidden on the back. :)

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