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What is Artisan's Asylum? The Economist comes closest to describing it ...

What is Artisan's Asylum? This The Economist video comes closest to describing it, so far.

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openFrameworks 0.8.0 has been released into the wilds!

oF 0.8.0 is now officially released to the wilds.

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I made a Dragon Egg Stand ...

Last week, I had some left over steel round bar from a previous (metal) project and decided to put it to some use. I also had an orange marble egg that I picked up from a yard sale a few years ago for a dollar. So ... I decide to make a metal stand for my marble egg. Not any stand, mind you. ... a proper, precariously mounted tripod, Dragon Egg stand. ;)

Dragon Egg Stand (Close up)

Dragon Egg Stand (Close up)

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Solder Iron Tip Cleaner Magnetic Mount

I do a fair amount of soldering at my lab, but something always annoys me ... My solder iron cable always gets in my way and knocks things over, especially when I’m cleaning the tip and there is a lot of electronics clutter from my project(s).

Last week I decided to spend 15 minutes fixing the last problem. Here is the hack. Read more »