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MIT acadia conference in 2017


MIT is organizing a new conferencecalled Acadia in 2017. Read more »

Hacking Arts 2016 event (November 18-20)

Tuesday, 11 October 2016 , , , , and 0 Comments

I was just reminded that the yearly "Hacking Arts" event at MIT is being held November 18-20th.

What is "Hacking Arts"?
Read more »

Reality Virtually hack event at MIT last weekend (VRATMIT)


This past weekend at MIT, was an extended weekend-long hackathon centered around Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality (i.e. VR/AR/MR) called: "Reality Virtually". The event consisted of Friday Workshops followed by two days of hacking to transform the future of immersive technologies. Read more »

MIT Computational Fabrication Symposium next month at MIT through CSAIL


There is a great symposium event being held next month at MIT: "Computational Fabrication" hosted by CSAIL. Read more »

Open Source Hardware Summit 2013 at MIT


Open Source Hardware Summit is coming up in only three weeks, at this year. If you haven't gotten your ticket, and you're local, now's probably a good time to register. Read more »