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3-Doodler (i.e. the 3-D printing pen) tear down

Last Friday, I had a rare occurrence of a filament jam with my 3-Doodler. I suspect it was in part to my switching from PLA to ABS which caused the issue. The filament refused to eject from the pen, so I decided to pop the screws and see the guts of the 3-Doodler.

Below are some pics I snapped while getting out the offending stuck material: Read more »

Happy Halloween (belated)! 3-D printed Demon Skull Pumpkin

Hi all,

A week ago, Artisan's Asylum hosted a pumpkin carving event on Somerville Ave, and several members created pumpkin sculptures (pics from Clayton Ellis). Read more »

3-D print of the day - kartz palace

I printed this model using the Replicator today. It's in PLA, and is small scale. It's part of a Harvard students architect project.

karst palace

Mini Castle Portcullis!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012 , , , , , , , and 0 Comments


While constructing the Castle DigBox last year, I made a “mock mini castle portcullis which I have recently shared on thingiverse. Read more »